in spite of my previous hesitance and trepidation, closing night of drunk puppet night went off with only minor hitches that we could easily deal with. for example, the lighting effects (disco ball, follow spots, etc.) blew the breaker on the power strip that they were (all 8/ ) plugged into, which was located on the ceiling and only accessible with a ladder, which wasn’t able to be set up when there were (occupied) chairs in the way, so i had to get by with plain old house lights for the opening, intermission and closing… and i didn’t get a drink ticket, so i had to pay for my own drinks. on the positive side, we got beau in the board, so you could actually understand his “any attempt to make sense of the next 10 minutes would be a profound waste of your time”, “does this incarnation make me look fat” and “normal is just an average of a lot of bizarre behaviour, brought to you by the magic of mathematical averaging”. i got a present from jeppa, aka “Queen Schmooquan”: her “Goatgirl: plum” CD (which is music, i think… i haven’t listened to it yet). she said that she’s got another present for me, as well, but she said that she would give it to me the next time she sees me (whever that is going to be), and she’s not telling me what it is. she was actually able to sneak a piece of music by frank zappa into her show (it was an orchestral interlude from “200 Motels”), without josh noticing, otherwise he probably would have made her change it. i sold all of my buttons. admittedly i only made half as many this year as i did last year, but i also got at least one request for a button that came after they had already sold out. also josh paid me, which is the first time that he’s thought to do that since i got the job, four years ago.

and when i got home, i had 10 albums worth of music by The Residents .ape files downloaded and burned onto CDs. i’m downloading 15 more at this very moment, and i will probably download more later. bit torrent FTW!

i’m going to meet with ian this afternoon to discuss ways to market Hybrid Elephant more effectively. should be interesting. his current business venture brought in $3M last year, and they just sold a bunch of their domains to MTV. i figure if i can get .001% of that, it would be a good thing for my business.