i’ve been averaging around 100 spam messages a day for at least three months. it’s been getting really annoying.

yesterday they completed my move to a different server for Hybrid Elephant, which included straightening out some things that caused me to receive a lot of spam, and cleaned up a bunch of other things relating to my personal account(s) that caused me to get way too much spam.

normally i wake up and have between 30 and 70 spams that i have to process.

today, i woke up and there were two spams in my inbox.

something was wrong… but whatever it was, it appears to be fixed now. massive sigh of relief!

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  1. i had gotten so that i didn’t “process” (log and report) most spam messages, except for the ones that stuck out as particularly annoying, like the ones with chinese in the subject line that crashed my email client, or the ones that spoofed my own email address.

    but it’s a major difference between 100 spams a day, and 0 spams (which is what i woke up to this morning).

    hey, i’ve got a question you can probably answer: i am in the process of building a web site that represents a project that’s in process, and i want to create a cgi script (or php script, or something like that) so that the deliverables for the project can be checked off, with a radio button or something like that, so that when the radio button is checked and the form is submitted, the return is basically the same page, only with a link to the project deliverable, the removal of the radio button and it’s replacement with a “finished” graphic of some sort (a check mark or something like that).

    do you think you could come up with something like that? i would really appreciate any advice you could offer… 8)

  2. I don’t even bother “processing” the spams anymore, I just delete ’em. If there’s an important message amongst them, oh well. I figure they fucked up by sending something that looked too much like spam to gmail’s filters.

    As long as there’s only a few that escape the filters and land in my inbox I’m pretty happy.

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