it’s raining really hard.

i went to the post office to mail a package, and on my way, i saw two dogs who have been apparently tethered to a post near a fire hydrant down the street from our house. they have no shelter, no food or water, and the owners are not home. these are dogs that i frequently have to chase out of our yard, because they have been running loose, but i called animal control anyway, because they’re tethered outside with no shelter, and it’s raining really hard. i realise this is not a good way to make friends with the neighbours, but they shouldn’t leave their dogs tethered with no shelter in this kind of weather, and somebody has to say something. of all the people with dogs in our neighbourhood, i would say that we have the largest quantity, and our dogs are treated the best out of all of them, so i don’t even feel guilty about it.

ned cancelled again. he said he was home with a sick kid, which is exactly the same excuse he gave me last time, which was less than a month ago. i would say i’m sorry his kid gets sick so much, but ned has been using the same excuse for long enough that i’m beginning to wonder.

at the same time, it’s probably just as well that he cancelled, because i’m really exhausted, and i’ve got to do an update on the seattle agility center‘s web site and go to a fremont phil rehearsal, and if i had to work seeing ned into the scenario, i probably wouldn’t have the time to do one or the other of those things. sometimes living out in the sticks has its disadvantages… 8/

the first week of the moisture festival came to a close last night. big bois with poise opened last night’s 7:30 show to great acclaim and applause from the audience. we premiered a “new” act, which was more or less the same as the old act, only with new costumes (diapers, bibs, and baby-bottle poi), and a new “twist” at the end, having to do with babies and “moisture”… heh heh heh… 8)

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  1. the last time i “talked” with them – which was the time their dogs came down the road to our property and got into an argument with our dogs, who were inside an “invisible” fence – they didn’t seem to understand that in spite of the fact that our dogs were running free in our yard, they were staying in our yard… i get the impression that they don’t speak english that well…

    a friend of mine just graduated from law school recently. i get the impression, having dealt with a few lawyers over the past 20 years or so, that it doesn’t get much better once you’re out of law school, except that you’re also getting paid obscene amounts of money… 8)

  2. I’m not defending the owners, just saying that it’s not a horrible idea to talk to them about it. Ignorance can be remedied, after all (stupidity often can’t!).

    Also, I hate law school. 🙂

  3. it’s nice to see you around again… 8)

    these dogs are the same two dogs that i have chased out of our yard on numerous occasions, and technically, it’s illegal to let your dog run loose, even out in the county, like we are. i know the dogs don’t get very good care, because i’ve seen them running loose all over the neighbourhood, turning over neighbours’ garbage cans, chasing cars and being a general nuisance, but this time, one of them was (actually) tethered (this time), and it was raining really hard… i know it’s not the dogs’ fault that their owners are stupid, but they should have thought of that before leaving their dogs tethered with no shelter or water, ’cause that’s illegal too.

  4. I believe you made the right call when it comes to those dogs. Good show, old man!

  5. Someone (I assume one of our neighbors) called animal control on us once. We had a dog with scoliosis, and due to it, she couldn’t walk that well. We had her in the yard during the day, and it looked like she was injured and we didn’t give a shit.

    I wasn’t angry that someone called animal control – I thought that was nice. It would have been nicer if they’d talked to me first, since I could have explained that she wasn’t in pain and didn’t have an injury, and it would have saved animal control the trip (and me the time having to track them down to explain the situation, as I wasn’t home at the time). Even leaving a note with contact info would have been preferable.

    But we don’t really know our neighbors here, so I’m not that surprised that they didn’t go that route.

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