i took my car to get it emission tested. it passed. in fact, according to the guy at the emissions testing place, it monitors the emissions automatically, so they don’t actually have to do anything – for which i paid them $15 – although it did have an error that wasn’t related to emissions, which is P1195. anybody know what a P1195 error on a ’96 mazda protegé means?

then i went to Re-PC to get another $5 CD-RW drive, because the external one that i have connected to my mac died yesterday and instead of buying a new external drive i decided that it would be a lot easier to replace the drive part in the external drive i’ve already got. it was. it was a matter of breaking the “WARRANTY VOID IF THIS SEAL IS BROKEN” seal, taking out 6 screws, replacing the drive with one that i got for $5, and putting everything back together again. it works. all i had to do was spend $5 and take a little time. why isn’t everything having to do with a computer this easy to fix?

after that, i went to the utilikilts store for my free kilt. it turns out that we were comped “up to a workmen’s”, which, for me, meant $225.10. based on the kilt i was wearing when i went in, the guy said that he would give me a 24.5″ hem, and they’ll ship it to me when it has been hemmed – they make all their kilts with a 26″ hem, and then charge you extra for a shorter hem, $25 for 2½" of cloth… but what am i complaining about? i don’t have to pay for it!