[email protected], which is the administrative authority for blogspot, is apparently refusing to accept reports from spamcop concerning spammers who set up their spamvertisements at blogspot dot com.

which is one of the reasons why i don’t subscribe to blogs on blogspot – the other reason is because for some reason, blogspot won’t let me comment, even anonymously. i think it has to do with the fact that my policy is to reject any cookies from them, but i’m not sure.

2 thoughts on “SPAMMMMMM!!!”

  1. You’ve hit a couple of the multiple reasons I switched over to Simple PHP Blog for my blogging efforts.

    Yeah, it’s still got “issues,” but they’re issues I can deal with and, to a certain extent, even fix myself. When you consider that the authors still think of it as an advanced beta that’s pretty good.

    And everything on my site is on my server. Either my whole site is up or my whole site is down… nothing depends on somebody else’s tech team being awake.

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