4 thoughts on “1049”

  1. most of them were either personally placed by ezra or placed under the supervision of ezra by one or more of his friends, but some of them were placed by people to whom ezra mailed stickers… my guess is that if you wrote to him he would send you stickers as well, especially if you said you were friends with his father…

  2. Nice pictures from the Art on the Ave sequence.

    Are all those Bald Men personally planted by Ezra, or just a good idea that’s been coped many places over?

  3. the bald man is a creation of ezras.

    i’ve been meaning to make a “bald man” with dark glasses: THE BLIND MAN IS WATCHING YOU! 8)

  4. you truly look like cat in the hat.
    what’s with the bald man image? is that yours?

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