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18 thoughts on “1050”

  1. the woman was so confident in her wrong-ness

    or terrified that if she read something different that her entire house of cards would come tumbling down, which is probably a lot more likely…

  2. i sincerely believe that if “christians” would take the bible as it was originally intended – as mysticism, and not as hard fact – that things like this could be avoided. however in this particular case, the woman was so confident in her wrong-ness that she refused even to consider the possibility that the bible said anything different than what she had already decided, which is probably what her ignorant preacher has drummed into her head. she refused to consider the bible from a historical point of view, and she refused to even consider reading scriptures from other religions, for contrast. at the same time she was asking us to be ignorant and agree with her, and she was so ignorant, herself, that neither one of us could make any kind of impression on her at all.

  3. Great book… “Jesus Christ, Sun of God”(yes, SUN), well demonstrates my essential belief that the scriptures of the Bible (invented by Roman Catholic Imperialists in the fourth century) and especially the “Book of Revelations” cannot be truly understood by anyone who has not years of study in the chakras, gematria (both Greek and Hebrew), Eastern and Greek mythologies and sacred geometry.

  4. i don’t consider myself a “deprogrammer” any longer, but that’s one of the primary reasons i entered the seminary to begin with: i had been arguing with “christians” for long enough to realise that if i didn’t have some sort of credential that made what i said have more authority, that i was never going to get through to them. what i didn’t realise is that even with the credential, if it’s not what they want to hear, i might as well be talking to the wall… 8( that’s the really sad part…

  5. Ah, that explains even why it shows up properly when I went to view source. Computers are quite handy in that respect. I assume, then, that Unicode also has mirror-writing capabilities as well. Well, we look forward to more entires of interesting orientation. No flip translator needed for me. Although it did take longer to read.

  6. Don’t make me come upstairs and turn off your Inter-net, young man. Get your homework done!

  7. How unfortunate for that Jeezis follower that they don’t even know their own religion well enough to answer simple questions. I haven’t seen either of those phrases in the Bible myself, and I think you’ve nailed the essence of the teachings of Jesus.

    How judgmental of her to say that you and David were going to hell. I’d expect her to be in the lake of flames more than you or David, because whatever god she follows, it sure isn’t Jesus. Maybe the old, jealous, bastardly YHWH, but not Jesus.

    Also, the flip is cool. Is this a wholesale font change, some CSS property as of yet unknown or heavily in use, or something else entirely?

  8. i mean just by talking to them at all. when i get approached, i just curtly put an end to things. i guess you kind of have to talk though, since you’re doing the art car show and people have questions about your car, which you represent. so yeah. anyway, considering that they appear literally incapable of listenting to or benefitting from reason, sad to say, i just look at them as brainwashed. and it’s not my job to deprogram.

  9. that’s the thing… i don’t try to engage people like that, they just come up to me and comment, as though a random comment from someone i don’t know is somehow going to mean more to me than a subject i have intensely studied, on a daily basis, for almost 30 years… it’s as though they expect me to say “oh yeah… you’re right… jeezis is the only way”. that’s what is really mystifying about the whole thing.

  10. haha i am loving this upside-down text! 🙂 i am going to do this with my next entry or some other soon.

  11. ok now i’ve read your entry, yeah. i used to try to engage with those people, and i respect the fact that you still try, but i find i don’t really have the energy or time for it. i just consider them deluded and i try to practice love and compassion. i know if i get into it, i’ll get angry. it’s easier for me to smile on them like naive children if i keep my distance.

  12. that was my point exactly: jesus said specifically that we aren’t to venerate him, but we are to venerate The Father… jesus said that we are all Gods and Children of God, he said that “these things i do, you shall do as well”… but when i point that out to these people, they accuse me of blasphemy. the lady said something else which i can’t find anywhere in the bible, which is “there is a way that seems right to men, but it is a way that leads to death”.

    one of the primary reasons why i went into the seminary to begin with was to see if i could learn how to talk some sense into these “christians”, but even though i am a minister now, they still accuse me of blasphemy. if their “god” is so offended by this kind of thing that he’s going to send me to hell just for saying it, then that “god” is not worth my time anyway, and there’s a good chance that he wouldn’t be able to send me to hell anyway.

  13. Jesus is an awesome ishta-devata and yogic guru.. but he’s not the *only* one. The emphasis on being the “one and only way” is so strange to me, being born and raised a Hindu. I understand how it helped the monotheisms spread their faith and first, but in the end I think it’s the biggest part of what ultimately poisoned their hierarchy.

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