i’m thinking of moving this blog to my own host, and possibly changing the format to wordpress, so as to get away from the bizarreness caused by sixapart and their childish rule-making. i’ve got a server with a lot of space, and the ability to create subdomains, so why not? it would mean that i don’t have to pay 6A for an account, i could let this account lapse back to a free account, so that i could comment on friends’ posts, and there’s a good chance that i could turn my wordpress blog into a RSS feed, so my livejournal friends can keep up with my posts as well.

i’m learning more about this tomorrow.

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  1. Here’s another swastika bracelet I realized I had; it’s a very cool-looking bracelet with or without them. I’m glad artifacts like this survive.

    swastika turq. bracelet

  2. i was thinking of wordpress primarily because it comes with the account and is already (supposedly, although i haven’t found evidence of it anywhere yet, it could just be because i don’t know where to look) installed: all i’ve got to do is set it up. it’s entirely hosted on my server, so i’m not relying on someone else that’s providing some of my content.

    and, while i’m not in “their” sights currently, i am well aware of the fact that it’s just a matter of time before “they” get around to being “offended” by something that i post, and i’d prefer to be somewhere where “they” don’t have a say in what i post for as long as possible.

  3. I use Simple PHP Blog, hosted on my own site because I like everything I use to be there. If my site goes down, it’s all down. If you depend on someone else for your blog, calendar, whatever, you end up with a partly broken site sometimes. Feh! on that.

    I just SPHPBlog because it doesn’t require a database (uses a flat text file database). My hosting service is cheap, reliable and friendly, but I’d have to move up to one of their more expensive accounts to get a mysql database and I don’t want to.

    SPHPBlog is not without it’s quirks. It’s still not to a 1.0 level release. But it works for me.

    I’ll bet you can find a blog software that’ll work for you and you won’t have to worry about some group of geepos closing it down for some stupid reason or another.

  4. that which resulted in advertisements for free users, and the strikethrough, and the boldout, and the current fandom persecution that one can read about in and and suchlike places…

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