the fact that we may have as little as 20 years before all hell breaks loose has really affected me. i’ve always felt a little guilty about bringing a child into a world that is so screwed up, but the fact that i have brought a child into this world when he’s not even going to get a full lifetime of living out of it is verging on being too much.

nevertheless, i apparently can’t stay away from the news that brings me down… and it does bring me down, in spite of the fact that the sprinkling of news articles you read here are on the humourous side of depressing, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

You’ve Been Left Behind is a place for true “christian” believeroonies to leave messages for their loved-ones who are not taken in the rapture – for $40 a year until it happens. it is not a joke, unlike Post Rapture Post whose creators are athiest.

Obecalp is a “medicine” that is being marketed by a mother who has no qualifications to dispense medicine other than being a mother. ordinarily, doctors are not permitted to prescribe medicines that they know to be ineffective, but because of the fact that she’s not a doctor, everything should be fine… and you don’t have to have a prescription to buy this “medication” – i hope she doesn’t advertise by unsolicited email, because that would just be too ironic.

AI Robotics has produced the “Perfect Woman™” who is, reputedly “More Fun™”… you can “Preorder Now™”…

if you insist on using windoesn’t, Built-in Windows commands to determine if a system has been hacked and More built-in Windows commands for system analysis will help keep the bots, virii and crackers at bay a little longer than they would be without them… although why anybody still uses windoesn’t is beyond me at this point.

also, there’s some pictures from folklife that were taken by Reynaldo Martinez, one of the dancers for Guelaguetza. the first couple are of me, and most of the rest of them are the dancers for whom we were playing.

2 thoughts on “mump”

  1. i know windoesn’t is the “gold” standard, but at this point it’s more because people simply haven’t heard of other options. i’ve found that, once they’re aware of the fact that there’s something other than windows, they’re anxious to try it out.

    and when i had a kid there wasn’t so much concern about the eschaton actually happening that soon… and the fact that i was still a giddy 22-year-old who had all kinds of fantasies about the way things were going to be when i was 40, which, of course, never happened… 8/

  2. Windows is the gold standard; for better or worse, it’s the operating system most people use. I once was talking to a woman and mentioned that I don’t use Windoze, and she looked at me quizzically: “Oh? What do you use, then?” For most people, there’s nothing else.

    It’s interesting that you mentioned one reason for not bringing a kid into this world is that the world is so fucked-up; it clearly hasn’t stopped most people. It was always one of my primary reasons for not having kids, although if I said that to anyone, they’d insist I was just making excuses—like adding to the current rate of overpopulation is a good thing.

    But, like, most people can’t help having kids because it’s the natural thing to do, so go easy on yourself.

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