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in spite of the fact that a lot of things have been happening recently, i haven’t felt motivated to post much, because… well… what difference does it make anyway? by way of an example, there’s this article from Key64, The End is Near (Don’t Sleep on This Shit!), which is another way to describe the doom-and-gloom future i have been anticipating considering the mix of environment and politics that we’ve chosen to go with, and also has a good chance of becoming reality, since those who don’t learn from history are condemned to repeat it…

not that i think it would make an awful lot of difference these days, but we do have an alternative, although i admit that there’s a slim chance that we’ll actually pull it off, because it would require everyone to use their brains for something other than a spacer to keep their ears apart, which is not very likely.

The End is Near (Don’t Sleep on This Shit!)
by Padre Engo

Imagine being sent forward in time from 1968 to 2008. Instead of gas costing 25 cents a gallon, it’s over $3.00. A decent home, intead of costing $15,000, costs $250,000 or more. Imagine your shock that the average American family owes $9000 on their credit cards. Imagine entering a society where less than 2% of the cars on the road are owned by those that drive them, and less than 1% of the homes are owned by the people who live in them. Welcome to the debt based slave state of America in 2008. It is all symbolic of how the globalists have America right where they want it, and are eager to finish it off. As the dollar continues losing strength, what will this mean to the world? Many will be deceived into believing that the economy is recovering; and then they will suddenly wake up to find their money worthless. As with the Argentina currency collapse a few years ago, so will the American dollar collapse likewise. However, the collapse of the US dollar is going to have much greater impact on the global economy and international political landscape than the collapse of the Argentinean peso ever did. The collapse of the dollar will reduce America to third world status, and it’s people to a chaos they are woefully unprepared to face. It will be a period of tremendous hardship and economic deprivation. It will be a time of great tribulation.

With our money being worthless, there will no longer be the ability to import fossil fuels. The gas lines of the 70’s will seem like a pleasant dream compared to what this would be like. Also, this will have a devastating effect upon the agriculture and transportation sectors. The transportation system will not be able to distribute food without gas or diesel. Industry will largely grind to a halt. No longer will the economy be able to function. It will be the end of the American global empire. As with the fall of the Roman Empire, America would be forced out of economic necessity to close its military bases around the world. There would be no money for government services, education, pensions, health care, security, etc. Society would quickly slip into lawless anarchy. The Homeland Security people would have their hands full, to say the least.

Yet even as the dollar slides downwards towards collapse, many refuse to believe that it is possible for something like this to happen today. After all, we live in an age when Governments and their Reserve Banks can support the value of currencies through intervention right? Various economists, speaking on behalf of the Federal Reserve, make soothing noises that there is nothing to worry about the dollar falling. They claim that this is going to assist American exporters, ignoring that the costs of imports will rise even more; and that the trade and current account deficits will continue to deteriorate. Some claim that while there have been collapses in the past surely this would not happen today. Sadly, the reality is that not only could this happen today, but it will happen much faster than at anytime in history. Modern communications enable billions of dollars can be switched from one currency to another at a click of a mouse today, when in the past it took weeks for speculators to switch from one currency to another. Never has been a time when currencies have been more vulnerable for speculation on their values.

The US Government is in a bind. If they lift interest rates to try and support the dollar, it will increase the size of the US budget deficit, plus the likelihood that the economy would go into a tailspin. The level of personal and corporate debt in the USA is now so high, that a sudden increase in interest rates would likely bring about an economic collapse. Either way, America is in deep trouble. What we could experience is a run on the US dollar, until it becomes completely worthless. There have been collapses of currencies throughout history. A recent example has been the collapse of the German Mark in 1923. At that time, the German economy was saddled in massive external debts, plus was being forced to repay war reparations. America is in a similar position today, as the world’s largest debtor nation. Let’s have a look to what happened to the German currency in the 1920’s. At the outbreak of WWI, the German Mark was going for 4.20 to the dollar, at the end of the war, the mark was 4.80 to one US dollar, at the end of 1919, it was 42 marks to the dollar. By Dec 1923 it had fallen to 4.2 trillion marks to one dollar.

The German people suffered severely during this time, and it set the stage for the rise of Hitler to power. What took 3 years to lead up to the collapse of the German economy would only take 3 weeks today, with the speed money is able to be transferred from one country to another. The collapse of the US dollar would remove America as a global power. There is now a shift of the balance of power from North America to Europe. THIS IS ALL BY DESIGN! The international bankers who control the US and global economy want America to collapse, in order to get the American people to accept a global currency. The Asian economies will also be severely affected by the collapse of the American dollar. Not only do these economies depend upon the US market for revenue from much of their exports, but they also hold substantial reserves in US dollars. The Chinese and Japanese banking systems would collapse, their dollar holding evaporating, and the high debt levels of Chinese corporations will cause a massive wave of bankruptcies.

The Euro will become the preferred currency of choice around the world, providing the Europeans with even greater political influence than the US has today. Behind all of this, the European based international bankers will further consolidate their power by creating a United States of Europe. The crises of the collapse of the US dollar will help speed up the creation of a United States of Europe defense force. Europe will emerge from the economic chaos that will erupt across the world as the dominating economic power bloc. Germany, as the engine economy in Europe, and the largest nation, will be in the drivers seat for the direction this new Europe goes in. Meanwhile, the nations of North America will be asked to repay their massive external debts. Having sold off much of their silver and gold, the creditors will look at other means of recovering the money they have advanced. America would be held in economic bondage to these international money lenders, even more than they are now. They are going to demand total control of our economy, reducing our people to slaves, where we will be held in economic bondage.

Already, America is despised around the world not only because of the Iraq situation, but also because America is generally seen as a nation that has been greatly blessed, but, partly because of the filth that Hollywood exports around the world, is seen as an incredibly arrogant, and undeserving superpower. This has left America with few friends that would come to it’s financial rescue when the chips are down. God is allowing America to be humiliated and defeated for rejecting His Law, for trusting in wealth instead of trusting in God. Our leaders have for the most part rejected the Constitution, and have allowed this once great nation to be ruined by enslaving us to a group of international bankers, in direct opposition to what the Constitution states.

We are apparently now in the final countdown towards the greatest economic meltdown in history. Yet few appear to be aware of what lies ahead. We are about to witness the end of the America that we were blessed with, and enter a worldwide age of tribulation and chaos that no one has experienced in living memory.

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