i’m feeling very pleased with myself, because i have recently figured out (on my own, mind you, without any help) how to add shortcut icons, or “favicons” to my sites… they’re the little tiny icons that appear in the address bar of your browser, next to the URI:like this
like this

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    1. edit the “header.php” file, in /wp-content/themes/whatever-theme-you’re-using, so that it contains a new tag for the favicon, right after the other <link rel=…> tags.

      the “header.php” file in the /themes/whatever directory probably contains different stuff, depending on what theme it is, but for my theme it went in right at line 11, after the <link rel=”pingback”…> on line 10…

      if you need help, call or email… also, i’ve gotten a go-ahead from thadd regarding the can-can… do you want to do it as well?

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