3 thoughts on “i finally convinced the ballard sedentary sousa band to open a youtube account!”

  1. the problem isn’t with the automatic mails whenever a “friend” uploads a video. the problem is that said friend can send an email to all his/her “friends” list manually and, believe me, they often do.

  2. fuck a bunch of “friending.” just subscribe. maybe the Ballard Sedentary Sousa Band doesn’t want to get a YouTube email every time you post a video of your baby’s first barf or suchlike amusements.

    I used to just automatically say “OK” to friend requests because I didn’t do much about them and if it made somebody feel all warm and fuzzy it was alright by me. then the flood of crap emails (via YouTube’s internal email system) started flooding in. now my rule is, “have you subscribed to my channel? no? then screw the friend request… this isn’t freaking MySpace!”

    seriously, if you’re reading this and you haven’t checked out the BSSB you’re missing out. these kids are awesome covered in awesome gravy with a side order of awesome.

    now that my diatribe is done, I’m going to go subscribe.

    (and I don’t expect a “right back atcha” from the BSSB for it either. see “this isn’t freaking MySpace” above.)

    1. see, i don’t do these things enough to know what the appropriate terminology is… i knew it was something like “friend” or “like” or something like that… subscribe is good too… whatever… and i’ve actually already turned off the “feature” that sends you email every time one of your “friends” uploads a new video. i know enough about how to find out about a service’s email preferences, pretty much regardless of who it is, that i found that one right away…

      but i’ll correct the request… i agree “subscribing” is better than “friend”-ing… 8)

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