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get it? up… date…

well, i thought it was amusing…

i am feeling a good deal better, although i am still not back to 100% health, yet. i still have a lingering cough that comes up at random times, particularly whenever i lie down, but i’m a lot better than i was a week ago.

the brakes in my car have to be replaced, to the tune of $800. moe claims that this car is “nickle-and-dime-ing” me, but the previous car (of which she approved) had already cost me almost $3000 by this point in our relationship, including $1500 for a replacement transmission, and this car has only cost me $450, plus the proposed brake work, and it appears, in spite of the fact that i’ve had to replace the timing belt, and now i have to get all four brakes and wheel bearings replaced, that this is going to continue to be a functional car for a lot longer than the previous one was. and, because of the fact that it’s a honda and not a ford (or whatever the previous car was, i don’t remember), i can actually take it to jack to have the repair work done for (hopefully) cheaper than edgewood tire quoted me. i’m also going to try to enlist the aid of the friend who worked on my brakes the day i had my brain injury (although, again, hopefully, i won’t have another brain injury), which has the definite possibility of saving me a good deal of money.

i got a reply from the incense people regarding the meaning of the word “pieces” and, as i suspected, it was entirely due to the fact that they were translating from hindi to english. if it weren’t for the fact that i have to think about providing at least part of the money for my car, i would already have sent the guy $100 for incense. as soon as i actually get paid for the postcards i made last month, i will probably do that anyway.

we had a recording session with a real, live, professional recording technician, last night, which went outstandingly well, and we’ve got another session with him tomorrow night, which, if it goes half as well as last night’s session did, will make a real, live CD of the fremont philharmonic a lot closer to being actual reality than it has ever been before. also, friday is a New Old Time Chautaqua benefit show in olympia, for which i have been recruited as a sousaphone player. it should be fun, if nothing else.

today is may day. everybody go home and don’t work. also, friday is Bongwater Day, for those of you who are interested.

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  1. actually, bongwater day is tomorrow (“This year it comes on the 4th of May, I can’t wait until Bongwater Day”) but i’m surprised that you know of it to begin with… you must tell me how you found out about bongwater day… 8)

    you can get a physical CD of one of my bands, Snake Suspenderz, but you’ll have to wait until all the mixing and mastering has been done before the Fremont Philharmonic CD will be available.

    actually, i was waiting for you to continue communicating… most of my “random communication” gets done here, on my blog, unless there’s something i find that specifically applies to you. πŸ˜‰

  2. HAPPY BONGWATER DAY!!! just a day earlier. 😎
    am glad to hear you are gaining in getting well. at least better.
    sometimes (not often – thankfully) i get real super dizzy & eyesite not so good, so i sat till it passes. could be blood pressure pills overdo. dunno.
    i would really be willing to buy a cd of yer & band’s performances. would be sooooo super to have. much luck with that.
    much luck as well for yer car. i know they are such a pain!!!
    next week starts new hours at work & dreaded summer projects. sure hope i can withstand it all. because of my area getting new hall floors, i must go elsewhere till finished. don’t look foward to that.
    normally go to work & home. don’t do much for excitement. not much extra dow anyway. just kinda depressin’.
    sure hope you can contiune to improve daily.
    altho i be boring, hope you contiune to communicate……….

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