latest battle news

things keep fixing themselves, and/or i find out how to fix them: i figured out how to make my secondary internal ext3 disk mount at boot, and the version of KDE that has the fix for the recently used documents bug came down the line a couple of days ago… there’s still some things that haven’t completely worked their way out yet, but i keep creeping up on where i used to be before “the disaster” happened.

on the other hand, i recently discovered that the IP address for (and all other domains that i host) has, once again, found itself on the CBL, and the sysadmins are just as clueless and stubborn about fixing it as they were last year. i reported the problem, and they immediately got back to me and said that they had suspended a suspicious user and that the problem was resolved. problem was, they didn’t actually fix the problem, and i told them so, with references to back up my case. once again, they told me the problem was solved, and that i shouldn’t worry about it. at the same time, my IP address was listed in the CBL, and had been for the past 14 hours. i pointed this out to them, and they told me that it was “a misconfigured exim” and that the problem really was resolved… now it’s just a matter of waiting to see if that really has fixed the problem. i’m not holding my breath, but so far it’s not been re-listed. we’ll see how it goes.

also, i bought a new (reconditioned) mac the other day. it’s allegedly going to be delivered on the 16th.

make sure the disk you want to use is mounted (you may have to do this manually)

run sudo blkid which will print out a list of devices that are mounted.

1. create the mountpoint directory:

sudo mkdir /media/drivename

(replace “drivename” with the name you want)

2. Open up /etc/fstab for editing as root:

kdesudo kate /etc/fstab

3. Add the line:

UUID=<ID of device you want mounted at boot> /media/drivename ext3 defaults 0 2

(again, replace “drivename” with the name you gave in step 1)

4. Save and close and you should be done, the drive should be mounted next time you boot as /media/drivename