just in case there are any republicans reading this blog

the government has been shut down for almost 2 weeks, because the republicans want to defund the affordable healthcare act.

which the republicans voted to fund six months ago.

they’re arguing that “obama doesn’t want to negotiate”, but all the negotiation was completed, done, over with and ready to move on SIX MONTHS AGO and the republicans decided to change their minds at the last minute.

during the intervening six months the republicans also changed the standing rules of the house, so that only the republicans could ask that the government could be re-opened, in case of a shutdown…

and NOW they’re hoping that nobody noticed this little change, so that they can blame the shutdown on obama…

i think it’s time to dump THE WHOLE LOT OF ‘EM and put together a government that ACTUALLY represents all of the people, rather than just saying it does. πŸ˜›

2 thoughts on “just in case there are any republicans reading this blog”

  1. there are approximately 450 members of the house of representatives, and they’re ALL swayed by the opinions of 6 or 8 loud mouths?

    my impression is that all it would take was 15 or so people to say “that’s it, we’ve had enough” and beat some sense into those 6 or 8, but there hasn’t even been that… it may be that the rest of ’em don’t care, or it may be that the rest of ’em are secretly in agreement, but one way or the other, they’re definitely NOT representing the best interests of the population at large. πŸ˜›

  2. actually, it’s mainly about 6 or 8 of the lunatic fringe Republicans, all of whom have managed to get powerful positions in the GOP, who’re spear-heading the idiocy.

    I concur with dumping the whole lot of ’em, Democrats included, in favor of just about anybody else. in fact, switching to a parliamentary system sounds pretty good to me right now.

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