4 thoughts on “473”

  1. Oh I’m sure it looks that way if you read the TOS and want to base your conclusions on so-called “facts,” but check your gut and you’ll know the real truthiness about it.

    Remember, reality has a well known liberal bias.

  2. Shared space is great, but I wonder what happens when someone makes somethign really good and puts it on myspace, and then faux snaps it up and exploits it commercially without giving a dime to the original artist. And what the lawsuit will be like after that.

  3. it’s not a defensible position, but:

    1) most people don’t realise that faux is behind the thing that they’re getting for free
    2) even if they do realise it, the fact that they’re getting something for free will override any perceived risks – until it’s too late

  4. Thats just stupid really. If people realise this, if it is pointed out to them, then people will leave in flocks.

    Never seen that sort of rip off deal before, they shouldn’t own any art you place on their site at all. The copyrighted material belongs to it’s owner and not them. Thats like a shop saying the band who created the music doesn’t own their music anymore because an advert for the music went up in the shop window and on the listening system in the middle of the store. It’s like saying the first person to broadcast the song on the radio owns it, then the next broadcaster owns it and then the next.

    I don’t see how it’s a defensible position on their side of the fence.

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