i’ve decided to “disguise” the swastika on Ganesha the car. i think i can do a pretty good job of it by duplicating it in different colours, and rotating it. after the incident with housemate i wrote to ManWoman, who is my inspiration for doing bizarre shit like this, and he said that he wouldn’t paint a swastika on his car, so i guess i don’t feel too bad about it.

     Thanks for supporting the swastika. It can be trying and even dangerous. I have been very close to people getting very violent in their denial of the perceived violence of the swastika.

     I would not paint one on my car because, I fear that sooner or later some angry person will do society a favor by vandalising it. People see a swastika and it is like waving a red flag in front of a bull, rationality goes out the window.

     I honor you for your vision and understanding around the sacredness of the symbol. Please do not martyr yourself needlessly. I need you in the world, quietly educating others about its vast sacred history.

     — ManWoman

it is really depressing to realise that even someone with as much notariety as manwoman would not put a swastika on his car. every time i read about some neo-nazi horseshit in the newspaper or see them on TV i shudder to think about how many people still buy their crap and equate the swastika with them instead of what the swastika really means. the swastika has been around as a symbol of auspiciousness and good luck for thousands of years and the nazis have only been around for less than one hundred years, and yet the majority of people completely reject the swastika’s thousands of years of history and focus on the wrong stuff that has only been around for a comparitively short period of time… which strikes me as just about as ridiculous a way of doing things as any that i can think of…

but then again, it’s the same group of people, more or less, which “elected” george w. bush into office, so i guess i may be expecting too much from these folks… 8/

UPDATE: pictures are available.

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  1. and, a little closer to my home…


    Cook said he has seen Nazi swastikas painted on the fence at Tuck’s house. “It sounds like something you would see in a movie, but it’s all real,” he said.

    Several people who live in Tuck’s subdivision portrayed Tuck as a boy who had been violent and troubled since he was young and had long exhibited a fascination with neo-Nazis.

    Jason Savage, 17, and Tommy Peterson, both Klein Collins sophomores, said Tuck paraded around the subdivision with a flag of a swastika on Martin Luther King Day.

    “The kid is a white supremacist,” Rogers said.

    i’ve never seen a news article about peace demonstrators waving signs with buddhist swastikas (which, i suspect, would cause a general uproar), but i always see articles where the terms “nazi” or “neo-nazi” and “swastika” are used in the same sentence, and frequently they are used right after one another…

    it’s sad… 8(

  2. i used to thrive on confrontations with retards, but then i had a brain injury. now, instead of thriving on confrontation, it makes me fume and rage and when i try to say the right thing, gibberish comes out of my mouth and i’m the one that ends up looking like a retard.

    it’s really irritating, because now i’m going to have to find some other way to push peoples’ buttons.

  3. Maybe you need to find out the unofficial figures for the rise of Nazism in germany amongst the young who feel lost and angry at having been down for so long.

    I doubt the problem in the US is growing, but we see it here and it is worrying. It’s not just school history now but a gradually (albeit small) growing problem in europe yet again. (Twice they were taken down a peg, let us hope they don’t get control of their country again amidst large unemployment, etc)

  4. see, if anything, your experience has inspired me to perhaps put a swastika on my own car next time. indeed, it is one of those symbols i have often thought of incorporating into my various artwork, but always decide against it for the obvious reasons. but seeing your car, i see how tastefully and appropriately and obviously non-offensively it can be done. so i think it’s something i’d really like to do at some point in the future. i figure my next car will probably be a lot more ontologically-themed anyway, and a swastika will be a grand symbolic centerpiece for it. if it pisses off people like your friend’s roommate, well, all the better! i thrive on confrontation. especially with retards.

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