for some unknown reason, the CD-ROM on my linux box isn’t responding. df lists an ATAPI compatible disk drive, and /dev/hdc is where it’s located, but when i su and mnt /dev/hdc /mnt/cdrom, it tells me there’s “no media available”, in spite of the fact that i distinctly remember putting media in the drive before doing the mnt command – i even remember closing the drawer – but there’s “no media available”. after looking through the CD-ROM HOWTO, i’m afraid that it’s going to mean recompiling my kernel, which i have never done, and don’t have the first clue about how to go about, before i’ll have access to my CD drive… so it may be a while before i get to play around with ubuntu. 8P

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  1. Ick, ick, ick, ick, ick. Perhaps there’s a system rapair tool you can use? Or you can try and see if it will work with Knoppix or some other distribution? Frankly, I’m stumped. I have no idea why your CD drive is behaving so badly. (Unless, on the very off chance, the CD isn’t actually at /dev/hdc)

  2. yes. when it didn’t work, the first thing i did was to try a commercially made CD that i know works, but i got the same response.

  3. Hrm. Sounds like there’s nothing wrong with the mount, then. Which you probably already knew. Have you tried different media in the drive to see if any of them work?

  4. hmmm…

    sh-2.05b$ su –
    -sh-2.05b# umount -a
    umount: /home: device is busy
    umount: /dev/pts: device is busy
    umount: /: device is busy
    -sh-2.05b# mount -a
    mount: special device /dev/sda4 does not exist

    bizarre… /dev/sda4 is my zip drive, or at least i thought it was… but yer right, it doesn’t solve my problems, but it does demonstrate at least one problem that i had that i didn’t know about… 8/

    i get the impression that linux is like that…

  5. Grah.

    umount -a
    mount -a

    doesn’t fix the problem, I’ll bet. But you could try it anyway.

    Really weird the way that’s behaving. If the medium’s in there, most distributions are configured to automount the CD-ROM drive and make that material available to you…

    I’m not a Linux expert by any standards. If you’re running KDE, maybe there are some options you can fiddle with in the Control Panel or the mount point editor to get things up and running again?

  6. -sh-2.05b# mount /dev/hdc /mnt/cdrom auto user,iocharset=utf8,ro,noauto,exec 0 0
    Usage: mount -V : print version
    mount -h : print this help
    mount : list mounted filesystems
    mount -l : idem, including volume labels
    So far the informational part. Next the mounting.
    The command is `mount [-t fstype] something somewhere’.
    Details found in /etc/fstab may be omitted.
    mount -a [-t|-O] … : mount all stuff from /etc/fstab
    mount device : mount device at the known place
    mount directory : mount known device here
    mount -t type dev dir : ordinary mount command
    Note that one does not really mount a device, one mounts
    a filesystem (of the given type) found on the device.
    One can also mount an already visible directory tree elsewhere:
    mount –bind olddir newdir
    or move a subtree:
    mount –move olddir newdir
    A device can be given by name, say /dev/hda1 or /dev/cdrom,
    or by label, using -L label or by uuid, using -U uuid .
    Other options: [-nfFrsvw] [-o options] [-p num].
    For many more details, say man 8 mount .

  7. Hrm. That’s very interesting. Have you tried running the mount command with the parameters that are in your /etc/fstab (if there are any)? Often times, I can try to mount something, and it works, but if I want it to work like it’s supposed to, the mount command needs to have the parameters established.

    For example, when mounting my DVD/CD combo, the full command would be:

    sudo mount /dev/hdc /media/cdrom0 auto user,atime,noauto,rw,dev,exec,suid 0 0

    and that works pretty well for me.

  8. sh-2.05b$ su –
    -sh-2.05b# pwd
    -sh-2.05b# mount /dev/hdc /mnt/cdrom
    mount: block device /dev/hdc is write-protected, mounting read-only
    mount: No medium found
    -sh-2.05b# bugger
    -sh: bugger: command not found

    but there’s medium in the drive, and it works perfectly well on both my mac and my windoesn’t box, so i know it’s not the medium… 8/

    sorry it took me so long, i’ve had another extremely long day, which started at 4:30 am and is just now ending.

  9. Okay. What’s the actual error that you’re getting for this problem? I once had some trouble accessing some of my devices because my permissions weren’t set right for the mount point folder.

  10. Nope. fstab is what’s being used. It’s very weird, then, that since it’s in fstab, that it’s not mounting. Have you rebooted your machine and had the problem persist?

  11. /etc/fstab contains the following line:

    /dev/hdc /mnt/cdrom auto user,iocharset=utf8,ro,noauto,exec 0 0

    which is what i would expect…

    /etc/mtab doesn’t contain anything about /mnt/cdrom or /dev/hdc… should it?

  12. That’s weird. Normally, you should have the cd-rom drive mount like a good child. Maybe there’s a missing line in your /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab file, where you can just add in your CD-ROM drive and see whether that makes it mountable?

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