120-Year-Old Woman Claims Smoking Pot Everyday Is Her Secret To Long Life
By Komfie Manalo
December 4, 2006

New Delhi, India (AHN) – A 120-year-old woman claims that smoking cannabis every day is her secret to long life.

Fulla Nayak, from India, says she reached the age of 120 by smoking pot and drinking strong palm wine in her hut everyday.

She is living with her 92-year-old daughter and 72-year-old grandson.

Nayak told The Sun newspaper, “I don’t know how I’ve survived so long. Many relatives much younger than me have died.”

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  1. the telegraph published an article in 2004 called Cannabis is blamed as cause of man’s death, and it states that the guy used “six cannabis cigarettes a day for 11 years”, which isn’t enough to kill anyone… marijuana’s LD-50 is 42mg/kg, which is the equivalent of a 165 lb (75 kg) man ingesting all of the THC in 21 one-gram cigarettes of high-potency (15% THC) cannabis buds at once assuming no THC was lost through burning or exhalation. “all at once” in this case, means “all in one hit”, not subsequently, as would happen with 6 joints. this is less than half of that amount. i don’t doubt that the guy was really stoned, but i question the veracity of the account, and tend to think that it was something else that killed him.

  2. I do remember reading about a case of an actual death cause by marijuana overdose. The person in question was in his 30s, and was smoking something like a dozen joint, every day, for twenty years, and not doing much else with his life. Sadly, I tried googling for it, but it has been lost to the ravages of time.

    As for the 120 year old ganja afficiando – obviously, Lord Shiva has favored her. There’s a reason why He’s conquered Death, after all.

  3. Incidently, good on her. Sounds like those old guys who smoke a cigar and drink a half bottle of whiskey a day. If your body runs on rocket fuel, they feed it rocket fuel, dammit.

  4. You clearly have no idea of how the Federal Department of Correlation works… If someone is driving and gets crushed by a semi with a load of glow sticks, that’s an MDMA related death right there…

  5. if there are idiots who died as a result of dozing off with a lit joint (which i don’t deny there probably are), then they have died because of something other than smoking pot: they have died as a result of the fire started by the lit joint, which is the same thing as somebody who died as the result of fire started by a lit cigarette.

    nobody has died as a direct result of smoking pot.

  6. nobody has ever died from smoking pot

    Unless you count the idiots who doze off with a lit joint… (which, incidentally, is how I expect to one day find out that my ex-wife died.)

  7. nobody has ever died from smoking pot, so if it’s just a matter of smoking pot, she’ll live forever… 8)

  8. It’s quite possible – if her body learned to process the good parts of the pot and wine and build tolerances to any bad parts, there’s a good chance that anything that survived the gamut of fighting off pot smoke or being bathed in strong alcohol probably couldn’t beat her immune system. So long as she can handle the pot and the palm wine, I suspect she’s going to keep on living.

  9. she’s lived long enough that most of her lifetime has to rely on long term memory… she may not remember what happened half an hour ago, but 20 years ago is just like it happened yesterday…

  10. She may have lived that long but I doubt she remembers half of it. 🙂

    Now where did I put that bong…


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