snow white and the 3 dorfs is now history. as is usually the case, we finally got all of the kinks worked out of the performance in time for the final performance. personally, i’m ready to do another week or two of performances, because now that we have all the kinks worked out, we can play with it and make it really funny… not that it wasn’t funny to begin with: particularly that place where snow white has been discovered (asleep) by the three dorfs, and she says “all i’ve managed to do is lose myself and giggle uncontrollably” and hungry the dorf says “you haven’t been eating those wild forest mushrooms, have you?”. the suggestion i made to chuckles the jester (aka sasha) was well taken, although he didn’t have the time to learn how to pronounce “abgithetzqwrashamenkegadikeshbamratztaghaqamamamnayaglepzeqsheqiayeth” (which is really the “40-lettered Name of G0d” from the qabala) and wasn’t willing to just “make something up on the spur of the moment”, so he modified it a little, and the line became “her real name is something long and unpronouncable, which is why she’s called snow white”…

the next big production is either the moisture festival or drunk puppet night, but if it’s drunk puppet night it’s going to be very different than it has been in the past, and the moisture festival is only going to be two weeks this year, although it will add another year to the longest-running comedie/varieté show in the world’s record, which will just make it that much harder to beat. the philharmonic has a gig at “nervous nellie’s”, a coffee house in ballard, in january, and supposedly we’re going to have at least one rehearsal before that show. i want to start doing something like the late night cabaret again, but there’s not much hope of talking seanjohn into starting his back up again, and i don’t really have the skill to get it started on my own, which, i gather, was one of seanjohn’s major beefs with the whole thing and a major part of the reason he quit doing it. at the same time, i’ve gotten encouragement from a number of people who can “make it happen”, to put together a fremont philharmonic concert at the jewelbox theatre, and as far as i can tell, it is just a matter of scheduling it during a time when everybody can be there.

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  1. you’re already on the list, but if past experience is anything to go by, it’s going to have to be organised by somebody else, ’cause when i organise partys, nobody shows up…

  2. I would love to be a part of a “late night cabaret” or anything of that nature. Seattle needs a bit more of that sort of thing.

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