confused confusion

this morning i woke up convinced that it was thursday and it took until about noon or so before i was disabused of that notion. then i sat down with my synthesizer and played around with an idea i’ve been toying with for the past couple of days and before you know it, it’s 7:30 and i’ve got most of a piece of music finished. this is the result, which is considerably lower quality than the actual file, but i wanted to get it in less than 4mb to save space. i’m not sure it’s 100% finished yet, but it’s fairly close.

4 thoughts on “confused confusion”

  1. i figured it out! you’re clicking on a link that is from, and it is “hotlinked” from there. if you click on the link from it plays with no problem. 8)

  2. it shouldn’t do that…

    it should say “don’t steal my graphics” for stuff that’s hotlinked, but that’s not hotlinked…

    i’ll have to check into that…

  3. great stuff! one of the things I lurvs about teh intartoobs is sharing and finding music by folks just like us.

    I think it’s about time I switched over to WordPress on my site too. sharing is so much easier that way.

    though I got this cool mp3 player in my RSS aggregator (Google Reader) but not here on your site. I’m pretty sure there’s a nifty (free) plug-in to do that on WP.

    P.S. give me a call when you’ve got some time. I’d like to make some music (and video) with you.

    be well!


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