blue jay
there were three blue jays arguing over the fresh suet i put out yesterday. i was only able to get this, more or less clear photo of one of them before they were chased away by the hummingbirds, of which i was not able to get a clear shot. we have a whole herd of hummingbirds that live somewhere around here, and they’re territorial little buggers, even taking to dive-bombing me, on occasion.european beard & moustache championships 2010
these are a couple of contestants from the 2010 European Beard and Moustache Championships.

2 thoughts on “pictures”

  1. heh…

    the graphics that get replaced with the “do not steal my graphics” graphic are the ones that are actually located on my server. the graphics that don’t get replaced are graphics that don’t actually live on my server, in this case, the graphic lives on flickr’s server.

    flickr doesn’t like it when i upload photos that i haven’t taken myself, and the photo of the moustachio’d gentlemen was shamelessly stolen from an AP article about the competition.

    it’s just the hoops that i have to jump through in order to make everybody happy, and, actually, it makes sense when you know what’s happening.

  2. that’s really weird man. all I usually get in my RSS reader is your little “don’t steal the graphics” image for every image. (which is a tiny bit annoying when you use all those little graphics for a bulleted list.)

    this time the moustachio’d marvels were replaced by the gif but the blue jays pic rocked right in.

    whiskey tango foxtrot?

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