i played three shows: two on friday, and one on saturday in which i blew out my embochure, and managed to catch a cold. then i had a rehearsal on monday, a rehearsal on tuesday, and i played one show wednesday and thursday, despite the cold, which is still there. i’ve got two shows tonight, three tomorrow, three sunday, and then — possibly — a break on monday and tuesday of next week, then it starts all over again… if i don’t have rehearsals… which i probably won’t find out about until they’re imminent.

i suppose this is what i should expect, seeing as how i’ve been complaining that we have had fewer and fewer shows each year for the past several years… πŸ˜›

the shows are going REALLY well, though, so that’s something

… 8/

I remember one time I was with a friend of mine who lives in New York also, and we went to go pick up his cousin — she’s lived on a farm in New Hampshire her whole life. Her family is this weird family that kept their kids on a farm — anyway, her parents finally died, so she got to leave, and so she came down to visit her cousin, my friend in the city, and so we picked her up at port authority bus station.

She had never been to any city before. And we’re picking her up at the Port Authority, that smelly hole of a place. We pick her up there and she’s just freaking out at New York. She’s never seen anything like it. And we pass this homeless guy and she sees him β€” I mean, we all passed him, but she saw him. She’s the only one who actually saw him. We didn’t β€” me and her cousin were like, “So? He’s supposed to be there. So what? There’s a perfectly good reason why that’s not me and it’s him. The right people always win, I’m sure of it.”

But, so there he is, and this dude was particularly homeless. He was one of those high-octane homeless, smelly, just piss smell, the unbelievable piss smell, just β€” he was piss. He didn’t just smell like piss, he was β€” when you piss, he comes out. And he had dreadlocks. Not cool-guy, medical-marijuana dreadlocks, just “human-neglect clumps” of hair. A clump of hair for every year that no one knew his name or cared.

His cousin immediately just gets “Oh, my God! Sir, are you okay? What happened?”

What happened? America happened.

What do you mean, “What happened?”

So she’s down there

“Sir, can we call someone?”

And me and my friend, we’re from New York, this is the crazy part, we immediately go to her. We start correcting her behavior like she’s doing something wrong.

“Why, is he okay?”

“No, no, he needs you desperately, that’s not the point. We just don’t do that here. You silly country girl.”
     — Louis CK


we went to tokeland and spent a blissfull, completely disconnected five days on the beach. then we came home, and ever since, i have been up to my eyeballs in moisture festival. i have a break (after one show this morning) for two days (tomorrow and tuesday), and then it starts again and goes until next sunday, only i have three shows next sunday… and there’s a pretty good chance that there will be at least one, and possibly two rehearsals within the next two days, so it’s not really going to be that much of a break… and whatever it is will be very interesting, since i blew out my embochure yesterday, and then played another show on top of it this morning…

i’ve got a bunch of pictures from the beach, but i need to sleep now, so they’ll have to wait.

now here

140315 now here - Heppner, Oregon: 45.3709091, -119.4803830

once again, we’re in heppner, oregon — 45° 22′ 15.1314″ N, -119° 28′ 49.3062″ E — for a sheep dog trial, which means that moe got up and left at about 6:30 this morning, and i am left behind, at a “rural hunting lodge”, to fend for myself for the day… which means that i woke up at 9:00, took a shower, ate breakfast, and now i am looking at the choice of either wandering around in the middle of now here for a while, or playing with caustic on moe’s ipad (the fact that she’s running sheep dogs means that she can’t use the ipad, and i can)… and, despite the fact that it looks like it may rain, i’m thinking of going out anyway. last year i heard the voice of God and i want to hear it again. there’s too much extraneous noise in the house.

after the sheep dog trial is over, we’re going to Tokeland for 5 days. there is no telephone and no internet access, so i’m going to give my luddite streak a run for its money… and fly kites (and “other things”) on the beach.

ETA: well, i went out to now here, and, as expected, i heard the voice of God again. it was far more silent than i have experienced just about anywhere. there was the occasional sound of the wind, and, even more infrequently, a bird would chirp… but it was totally silent. and i heard the voice of God…
140315 now here
Now Here – click to embiggen

i built a small marker, about halfway up the hill:
half-way marker
you can barely see it from the lodge with your naked eye, if you know where to look. you can see it clearly with binoculars, again, if you know where to look. it’s practically invisible, but it marks approximately half-way from the lodge to the fence.

It’s Time to End All Drug Testing

It’s Time to End All Drug Testing — cannabis is not going to be legalised until the media gets the idea that if they call it “marijuana”, people will think that it should be illegal, because it has a “street” name… πŸ˜›

but, apart from the fact that it no longer applies to me, i think that this article has got the idea down pat (with the exception of referring to it as “marijuana”), and more people should pay attention.

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once again, i’m digging through boxes of stuff that is left over from a time before internet… and i’m coming up with definite reasons why some of things should not be forgotten so quickly.

like this:

880320 Calvin & Hobbes

by the way, it’s remotely possible that you can comment without being automatically spam-filtered… unfortunately, i don’t have any way to test it, so you’re going to have to do so, and report back to me if there are any problems.

1 in 10 Americans think HTML is an STD

1 in 10 Americans think HTML is an STD — the other day i was at a friend’s house when my phone rang. it was my mother-in-law, who very rarely calls me, but when she does, it’s usually something fairly important, so i answered. she proceded to ask me “tech-support-geek” questions (something about filtering spam, i think) and i had to remember not to use “computer geek” language when i told her the proper techniques. this is the woman who has to have the difference between a browser and an operating system explained to her, repeatedly… to give her a little credit, she does have a neurological disorder that affects her memory… but so do i… 😐

Tech Support Cheat Sheet

i would give a copy of this to her, except that she doesn’t understand how to read a flowchart…

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