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this is the end

it’s the beginning of the end of my livejournal, and the end of the beginning for my own blog on my own domain, for which i don’t have to pay extra, and which doesn’t have all of the stupid rules and regulations that are getting more and more characteristic of livejournal and its parent company, sixapart.

i still have to:

  1. finish updating my httpd.conf file so that it will be where it’s supposed to be, and not where it is currently
  2. figure out how to make it so that more than one person can keep a blog
  3. figure out how to make a RSS feed at livejournal, so that my livejournal friends can keep up with my blog What are you looking at? as an RSS feed! 8)
  4. figure out where to put my photo galleries
  5. finish tagging (which are called "categories" on the new blog) my previous entries – which is not a big deal and will probably take place over time.
  6. alert people that there has been a change, if they haven’t already noticed
  7. probably some other things which i haven’t thought of yet, or which i have thought of, but don’t remember right now.

if everything goes according to plan, my livejournal account will revert back to a free account in december, by which time i hope to have all of the wrinkles ironed out of the new blog.

welcome! 8)