interview with ryan at chameleon technologies in kirkland today at 10:00 am. i left home at 8:30 and just barely made it, because traffic was still snarled up between renton and blehview. i read through my list of minimum qualifications that a job must have before i will consider doing it, and ryan didn’t kick me out of his office, and, in fact, he suggested a couple of possibilities for once the “holiday season” has settled down a little… which is good, i suppose… but if it screws up my chances of getting disability again i’m gonna be really pissed.

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  1. blehview = belleview, the place where i went to high school, and the place where my parents still live.

    on the east coast, is a famous hospital for the mentally ill… on the west coast, it is a place that is equally famous for being a place to escape from, a suburb of seattle, right next to, but not quite as famous as redmond.

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