today has been a really depressing day.

i was told that i’m not needed for tech stuff in portland, but only for performances, and that the performances are only going to be two of the three nights of drunk puppet night in portland.

i used up a quarter tank of gas driving up to bellevue to get paper, which it turns out i won’t need until wednesday, and it turns out that i’m going to have to drive up to bellevue again on wednesday to deliver it to the printer. that’s money that i could have spent on the holy vegetable, which i have been totally out of for almost 3 weeks.

if someone wants to get me stoned, i will gladly go pretty much anywhere, but it would be a lot better if i could obtain my own vegetable material, because that way i could potentially get stoned tomorrow as well.

it appears that, once again, there is “something” wrong with the CD-ROM drive on my linux box, which means that, until i determine what it is, and probably replace it again, i’m not going to be able to upgrade my system.

it turns out that i don’t have a rehearsal tonight, which means that i won’t have anywhere to go, or anything to do to take my mind off of how depressed i am until at least wednesday.

it turns out that we might be moving again, but we’re not sure where (the possibility of moving to philadelphia was suggested, but is turning out to be less of a possibility, because the program that moe wants to get into is recently defunct in philadelphia) or when, and if we do have to move somewhere else, i’m not sure what’s going to happen to the business that i have been building for the past 5 years, specifically what’s going to happen to my fifteen 12″x12″x24″ boxes of incense, and i don’t know when and/or if i’m going to be able to unpack and set up a workshop.

i ended up watching television for most of the day, because i don’t have anything else to do, and, because of the fact that i probably won’t have anything else to do tomorrow, the probability that i’m going to end up watching television again tomorrow is very high, and i really dislike watching television.