moe left for her annual trip to florida this morning, and left me “in charge” of taking care of 4 dogs, 3 cats and a snake while she gets a 4-day “vacation” and then a week of “continuing education”, which is all paid for by her employer. i got up and took her to the airport, and then drove into seattle for an art car cruise that apparently never happened. i waited around at the swedish cultural center for 45 minutes and mine was the only art car in the parking lot, so i left again. no breakfast, which was supposed to be part of the art car cruise, and i only have a $90 gift card for fred meyer’s to last me until moe gets home again, which is supposed to be the 19th. i’m also almost out of The Holy Vegetable, and likely won’t have the money to buy more for several weeks.

now i’m home. the roof is leaking again, in spite of the tarp that covers most of it. there’s no telling where the water is actually getting in, and even if there were, there’s no way we can afford to get the roof replaced. meanwhile, moe’s employer, the person for whom moe works 6 days a week, 12 hours a day because he “can’t afford” to pay another technician, is living in an extremely rich neighbourhood, in a house that’s two or three times as big as ours, and has invested in a new veterinary clinic in renton at which he has no intention of working, simply because “they needed someone with more money”.

it’s not fair. moe is just as valuable a person as her employer – i am just as valuable a person as moe’s employer – but the only time anyone has ever paid for me to go on vacation was right after i “quit” my computer industry job and had to use up my “paid vacation” time – right before i had my injury, and that’s not even mentioning the fact that i live in a house with a leaking roof.