i woke up this morning with a neck cramp so bad that i can barely look to either side without a good deal of pain… and my acupuncture appointment isn’t until wednesday… and i have to drive an hour in either direction to make it to my rehearsal this evening…



1 Gallon Bubbles
3 quarts plain, clear dishwashing liquid (palmolive…)
8 oz. glycerine
5 to 10 drops oil

you can fill the rest of the jug up with water if you want to, or if it gets too viscous.

They never scream
They never shout
They only twitch
And flail about.

Why does a pygmy
Indulge in polygmy?
His tribal dogma
Frowns on monogma.
Monogma’s a stigma
For any pygma.
If he sticks to monogmy
A pygmy’s a hogmy.

— Ogden Nash

more sketchbook uploads… that’s it for what i have immediately accessible, and this week is probably going to be busy enough that i won’t have time to dig the originals out of the pile, so you’re just going to have to wait.

murdge murdge murdge murdge murdge

why do i have so much time to spend scanning stuff? it’s because we still have all of this goddamn snow everywhere, and i couldn’t get the car up the driveway to load the boxes so that i could go to the fremont sunday market this morning. next sunday is moe’s birthday, so i’m probably not going to get chance to go until sunday the 28th… 8/