how the RIAA is like the button-makers of 17th century france

from sound-scavengers:

The question has come up whether a guild master of the weaving industry should be allowed to try an innovation in his product. The verdict: ‘If a cloth weaver intends to process a piece according to his own invention, he must not set it on the loom, but should obtain permission from the judges of the town to employ the number and length of threads that he desires, after the question has been considered by four of the oldest merchants and four of the oldest weavers of the guild.’ One can imagine how many suggestions for change were tolerated.

Shortly after the matter of cloth weaving has been disposed of, the button makers guild raises a cry of outrage; the tailors are beginning to make buttons out of cloth, an unheard-of thing. The government, indignant that an innovation should threaten a settled industry, imposes a fine on the cloth-button makers. But the wardens of the button guild are not yet satisfied. They demand the right to search people’s homes and wardrobes and fine and even arrest them on the streets if they are seen wearing these subversive goods.

Requiring permission to innovate? Feeling entitled to search others’ property? Getting the power to act like law enforcement in order to fine or arrest those who are taking part in activities that challenge your business model? Don’t these all sound quite familiar?

Centuries from now (hopefully much, much sooner), the actions of the RIAA, MPAA and others that match those of the weavers and button-makers of 17th century France will seem just as ridiculous.


mcafee no longer makes virus protection that is compatible with W2K. their recommendation is to “upgrade your computer to WXP” and then buy the latest mcafee product which is compatible with that…

the problem is that i have no intention of “upgrading” a product that i don’t like to a product that i actually despise in order to have the “priveledge” of buying a product that supposedly “protects” me from getting infected.

i’m de-installing mcafee virus scan from my windoesn’t computer at this very moment. i wonder how long it will be until i have to throw my computer away because it is crawling with virii… 8/


i just got notification from the head drunk puppet that we will be performing the meat play in portland on friday and saturday, february 2 & 3, but they still haven’t said yet whether or not they will need someone to run lights and sound.