mcafee no longer makes virus protection that is compatible with W2K. their recommendation is to “upgrade your computer to WXP” and then buy the latest mcafee product which is compatible with that…

the problem is that i have no intention of “upgrading” a product that i don’t like to a product that i actually despise in order to have the “priveledge” of buying a product that supposedly “protects” me from getting infected.

i’m de-installing mcafee virus scan from my windoesn’t computer at this very moment. i wonder how long it will be until i have to throw my computer away because it is crawling with virii… 8/

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  1. my first impression is to think that if it’s got an AOL label on it that i’m not interested by definition, but i’ve heard some good things about kaspersky…

  2. norton doesn’t make virus protection for W2K any longer, and hasn’t ever since 3 or 4 years ago, which was the first time i got infected… which is why i was using mcafee…

    i’ll check out AVG as well. thanks.

  3. I’m currently using Norton because it was free with this computer package, but I used to swear by AVG, and my parents are currently using AVG as well. Keep in mind that my parents are not computer savvy at all and are probably at risk of contracting virii on a regular basis, but AVG seems to keep them pretty well protected. They’re using the latest version of AVG with Win9x, so I’d imagine the W2K version is sufficient as well.

  4. i remember f-prot! we used it at microsoft when i worked there, in 1995. and they make a virus protection program for W2K as well! guess that’s about as good a reason as i need to switch…


  5. I like F-Prot for DOS. 🙂

    It even has an updater so it can stay just as current (and way, way better) than any of the OS wreckers. Err…I mean, more comprehensive ones.

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