for those of you in the area, The Fremont Philharmonic is playing today at Nervous Nellie’s Espresso Company, 1556 NW 56th street in ballard.

also today is moe’s birthday. she’d kill me if i actually posted how old she’s is now, but it’s one of those “momentous” birthdays that signifies “something”. i’ll let you figure it out for yourselves.


now that i’ve actually got a kubuntu disk – i downloaded the kubuntu iso, but for some weird reason, it wouldn’t fit on the 700mb disk that i prepared to burn it on, despite the fact that it was only 690mb, so i ordered a free one from “canonical ltd.” which is located on the isle of man – and a CD drive that actually works, i started it up, and it does, indeed, appear to work a lot better than my current distro… so much so that i am posting this from konqueror on the live CD and noticing that it looks more like i expect it to, and not so cramped and “all over on the left side” like it does where i usually post from. it does have a weird thing where it only lets me login to my LJ once, and after i logout, it won’t let me login again, and it won’t let me login to my email account via the web, and i’ve got to figure out a whole bunch of stuff, like figuring out where my .ics file is located, figuring out where kmail is (it’s probably fairly obvious, but i’m not sure), figuring out how to upgrade without wiping out all my data, and other suchlike stuff.

i’m now in the last stages of deciding whether i really should bite the bullet and upgrade to something more current. any final comments are entirely welcome. i probably won’t actually upgrade until next week, if i decide to, so take your time.