now that i’ve actually got a kubuntu disk – i downloaded the kubuntu iso, but for some weird reason, it wouldn’t fit on the 700mb disk that i prepared to burn it on, despite the fact that it was only 690mb, so i ordered a free one from “canonical ltd.” which is located on the isle of man – and a CD drive that actually works, i started it up, and it does, indeed, appear to work a lot better than my current distro… so much so that i am posting this from konqueror on the live CD and noticing that it looks more like i expect it to, and not so cramped and “all over on the left side” like it does where i usually post from. it does have a weird thing where it only lets me login to my LJ once, and after i logout, it won’t let me login again, and it won’t let me login to my email account via the web, and i’ve got to figure out a whole bunch of stuff, like figuring out where my .ics file is located, figuring out where kmail is (it’s probably fairly obvious, but i’m not sure), figuring out how to upgrade without wiping out all my data, and other suchlike stuff.

i’m now in the last stages of deciding whether i really should bite the bullet and upgrade to something more current. any final comments are entirely welcome. i probably won’t actually upgrade until next week, if i decide to, so take your time.

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  1. actually, that sounds like a very reasonable alternative… but it’s not gonna be today, because i’ve got a gig this afternoon, and tonight is moe’s birthday. i’ll give you a call.

  2. You can bring it up here, we’ll wire it into my LAN and you can back up to one of the several hard drives we have around here that have that much space available.

    Further, if you’d like a backup to take home with you, both my Linux box and Lucifer’s Windoze box have working CD burners.

  3. problem with option #1 (the preferred method): my home directory is 1.2g (meaning multiple CDs for the entire backup), i don’t know whether my “new” (used) CD burner actually works to burn CDs, and even if it does, i don’t know how to get it to work with my current distro… 8/

    problem with option #2: i don’t know how much space is left on my HD, because i built the machine out of bits and pieces within 6 months of having my injury and can’t remember…

    but i’ll figure it out, one way or the other…

  4. Two ways to go to Ubuntu without losing all your data.

    1) Back up all your data, install Ubuntu to a “fresh” disk, replace your data.

    2) During the Ubuntu install, choose the multi-OS option so it goes into its own partition. You then choose at boot up which OS to go into.

    The first way is more time consuming, the second more disk-space consuming.

    I was fortunate in that I put Ubuntu on my laptop which I had never got running well enough under Windoze to do any work on so I had no data to lose and just told Ubuntu to scrub the disk and start clean.

    Let us know how it goes!

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