for those of you in the area, The Fremont Philharmonic is playing today at Nervous Nellie’s Espresso Company, 1556 NW 56th street in ballard.

also today is moe’s birthday. she’d kill me if i actually posted how old she’s is now, but it’s one of those “momentous” birthdays that signifies “something”. i’ll let you figure it out for yourselves.

4 thoughts on “807”

  1. Dunno how I missed seeing it. Must have done my blog list before you posted this.

    Oh well… makes the transportation arrangements moot. 🙂

    Yeah, and I guess my earlier comment was actually, “Late Happy Birthday.”

  2. Happy Birthday, Moe! (No matter what the age, eh?) And…

    What time is the Phil playing? That’s like right down the street (more or less).

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