interview with ryan at chameleon technologies in kirkland today at 10:00 am. i left home at 8:30 and just barely made it, because traffic was still snarled up between renton and blehview. i read through my list of minimum qualifications that a job must have before i will consider doing it, and ryan didn’t kick me out of his office, and, in fact, he suggested a couple of possibilities for once the “holiday season” has settled down a little… which is good, i suppose… but if it screws up my chances of getting disability again i’m gonna be really pissed.


If you wish to escape, the first thing you must realise is that
If you think you are free, you can’t escape!

     — Georges Ivanovich Gurdjieff

For absolute control of your life and for destroying prenatal and postnatal root-causes of failure, you must excercise your will in every undertaking, until it shakes off its mortal delusion of being human will and becomes All-Powerful Divine Will. You do not need to acquire this Divine Will, you already posess it in the Image of God within you.

     — Paramhansa Yogananda


my CD-ROM problems now have an interesting twist…

when it comes to IDE devices, i have a 40g hard disk, a zip drive and a CD-ROM on this machine. i have the hard disk connected to the main IDE cable coming from the mother board, and the zip and CD connected to the secondary IDE cable… except that neither the zip drive nor the CD was visible, or mount-able for some as yet unknown reason.

i haven’t used the zip drive since i first installed on the machine (i had some data files that were stored on zips and i wanted them to be more local, since i used them all the time), so i disconnected it…

and, for some unknown reason, the CD-ROM drive suddenly is visible and functioning the way i would expect it to.

as my first computer guru, jim, used to say when i asked him how the computer did something unexplainable: demons!

since i no longer need the zip drive, it will stay disconnected, and i will once again revel in having a CD-ROM drive that works!