those “christians”… 8|

caganer of barack obamathey keep coming up with more and more truly weird things that they do to appease their “god”. once i think i’ve seen the weirdest they have to offer, they come up with a new (or, in this case old) tradition that so totally blows away everything else i’ve learned about “christians” that it’s incredible.

apparently in the catalonia region of spain, catholic “christians” have a tradition of hiding “caganers” in nativity scenes and then challenging their friends to find them. what is a “caganer” you ask? it’s only a ceramic statuette of a well known person, like barack obama, or tennis player rafael nadal or the pope, in the act of defecation. “the figures symbolize fertilization, hope and prosperity for the coming year.”

i’m sorry but that’s just funny… and the fact that it’s associated with “christianity” makes me wonder how they think they can say anything against the “strange” traditions other religions practice.

One thought on “those “christians”… 8|”

  1. Christianity is a vast and diverse religion, and the things some branches of it practice are frowned on by others; not all Christians approve of polygamy, for instance. And how many “coptic Christians” do you actually know? (I mean, who aren’t just using Christianity as an excuse.)

    I’m speaking as an atheist here; but hey, you asked.

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