last night i “found” a web site in india that has all kinds of CDs, rudraksha, narmada sivalinga, shaligram shilas and other stuff that i really want to resell on Hybrid Elephant. i put “found” in quotation marks because i have actually had their site bookmarked for a few years, but the part of their site that i have had bookmarked is their “spiritual library”, which is where they have 108 upanishads and a whole bunch of sivaite literature, and i never bothered to click their “spiritual store” link before, because i had no reason to.

i ordered a bunch of stuff to check out their quality, but if it’s anything like i think it is, there’s a good chance that it’s basically a done deal, because the most expensive cd that i ordered was $4.65 for Pradosha Shiva Pooja. not only that, but originally i had some difficulty navigating their site, so i hit the “contact us” link and explained my problem, and this morning i had 2 emails from them saying that the problem was fixed, and offering me other methods to get to the same result. i haven’t gotten that level of customer service from hardly any other web site, particularly one in india, so these people have made a great impression on me. if their delivery is as good as their customer service, i’ll be listening to CDs from india in a week or so.

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  1. i’ve now received 6 separate email messages from them. i told them that i would probably be buying from them for resale and so far they haven’t said no… and their prices are low enough that i don’t have to worry about whether they sell at a wholesale discount or not, so even if they do say no at some point in the future, i can just buy from them at retail prices anyway. 8)

  2. Sounds like you’ve found something good there. Hopefully, it’s good quality and they’re amenable to you reselling it – or being an authorized reseller.

  3. they also have incense, but despite the fact that they have really good prices for incense, their minimum order is 10 kilos, which is a bit more than i really need.

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