4 thoughts on “815”

  1. what else could it be?

    did you recognise it as a 4-pushrod bassoon? can you tell the difference between a 4-pushrod bassoon and a 3-pushrod bassoon?

  2. they’re leftovers from my time at the tech school, where i learned to repair them. i’ve got more, but they’re difficult to scan because i have a scanner that takes 8½”x11″ paper, and the drawings are 11″x17″, so i have to scan them in two or three passes and then put them together in photoshop.

    i originally drew them because i felt (and still feel) that one of the best ways to learn to repair an instrument is to learn what each part looks like, and one of the best ways i knew to learn what each part looks like was to draw them.

    it’s a good thing i drew them then, because if i had to draw them now, it would take a lot longer…

  3. I like those, it’s sort of educational/yellow submarine art. I think they would make beautiful illustrations for woodwind instructional material.

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