i might have known…

this morning, i logged into farcebook, did a few things, and was abrubly logged out of facebook with a message that said my session expired, and to login again.

which i could not do…

when i tried, it said that it appeared that i was using a “Profile” when i should be using a “Page”, however when i went through the process of changing my “Profile” to a “Page” it said that “Creating content with that name is not allowed”. so, i tried to change the name to “Frank Zappa The Cat” which gave me the message that “Our automated system has determined that the name “Frank Zappa The Cat” is not same or similar to (sic) the name “Frank Zappa”… and encouraged me to create the page with “same or similar to” the name which is not allowed.

after going back and forth (and back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth, and…) a WHOLE BUNCH of times, i finally figured out that it WOULD allow me to create content with the name “Frak Zappa”, however once i figured that out, it wanted me to name another account that could administrate it, and the only other farcebook account that i know of is moe’s…

which, of course, now means that the ONLY way to do ANYTHING with frank zappa’s farcebook account is to log in as moe… which doesn’t help if moe is already logged in…

furthermore, when the “Profile” was being “migrated” to the “Page”, it somehow LOST all of my “friends” (about 150 people)… of course i downloaded an “archive” of my page, which gives me the names of those 150 people, but no way to contact them.


i’m not sure if i’m ever going to calm down enough to create a new farcebook account or not. at this point, i’m leaning very heavily towards NOT.

ETA: so i started a new account as Ralph Ewggleigh, which they accepted, and i’m fairly sure WON’T be shut down for trivial reasons… they wouldn’t let me make an account for “Guido DeLuxe” or “Tina Chopp” (how Tina Chopp manages it i’ll probably never know). now all i have to do is ping the 150-or-so friends i had and convince them to switch accounts. 8P


moe is better. she didn’t have norovirus, just a bad case of food poisoning. but she is under a lot of stress, which is not good. she doesn’t have enough people working for her, and she has to travel in march, which means that she’s either got to find enough, qualified people to work for her really quickly, and bring them up to speed, or the clinic will have to cut back hours and/or close during the time she’s travelling, which, basically, isn’t an option, and even if it was, it’s not hers to make anyway. also, the place that was going to do the body work on her car screwed up their appointment with her to have an estimate made on the car, and didn’t call her back like they said they were going to, which means that we’re probably not going to be able to get the body work done on her car while she’s travelling in march.

and, of course, i’m doing what i can to help, but it’s not enough, and i don’t want her to break, because i’m going to have problems dealing with a broken person when i’m already pretty broken myself… 8/

plants doing well — how could they not be, actually — 3 under flowering light, 9 clones under vegetative light. probably another month and a half or so before harvest. maybe more…


allegedly, there are space queen starts that i can access, but i don’t know for sure yet. 8)

i’m thinking that it wouldn’t hurt to add another loft in the workshop. it would only take four 2×6 beams and some plywood, and then i’d have a whole bunch more storage space that would clear out a lot of space on the floor of the workshop, and in the spare bedroom. moe keeps saying that, eventually, i’ll move the plants to the floor of the workshop, but i don’t see that happening any time soon. however i do see the extra loft being built. it’s going to have to wait until we get nicer weather, though, because building something that large in the workshop is going to mean moving a whole bunch of stuff out and storing it somewhere else for two or three days.

moe is sick… probably as sick as i have ever seen her… which is not to say that she gets sick very often, or very seriously, but still… 😨 (which is to say, U+1F628 FEARFUL FACE, if it doesn’t come through correctly). she’s going to get better… at least she SAYS she’s going to get better, but still…

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